Dental Healing for Life

The energetic dental processes are pain free and are done for you in your home, usually while you are resting or sleeping. These proprietary processes are done by God in a way that is in your highest and best.

Please Note: Chronic or longer term issues take time to heal.

Dental processes included in this program are: Have your teeth energetically cleaned, flossed and polished, plaque, tartar, bacteria and/or other toxins removed while you sleep or rest. You won’t feel a thing. • Heal root cause of excess plaque and tartar. (If there is a lot of plaque and/or tarter, it will take time to remove it all) • Clear out excess phlegm • Seal your amalgams and cracks in your teeth to prevent leakage of mercury vapors or silver or other inorganic matter that could be toxic. Will also safely remove mercury and other metals from your body. • Heal root cause of halitosis • Repair and strengthen roots with intention of preventing root canals • Reduce stains on teeth • Reduce plaque and gingivitis over time. • Heal gum tissue and receding gums over time • Uncover and heal infections in your gums and mouth • Heal infections and root cause of toothaches and soothe toothache pain • Grow bone and tissue • Strengthen enamel • Repair teeth that are worn from clenching • Heal nerves associated with dental problems • Strengthen and heal old bone implants • Heal Cavities • Grow teeth • Straighten mis-aligned teeth • Repair dental bridges • Transform mercury and other substances in fillings that are toxic to your system into something that is safe for you. • Heal Decay • Plus Just About Anything That is Not Considered Emergency or Urgent!

TMJ and Cranial-Sacral Program (6months)

If your jaw hurts, you have TMJ or suspect you clench or grind your teeth at night, it will wear away your tooth enamel and amalgams over time.It is important to heal this for your dental health, structure of your teeth and your overall physical, mental and emotional health. A jaw out of position can contribute to cranial-sacral issues and often does. This proprietary distance healing program for these issues will be sent to you via god to heal TMJ, jaw problems and cranial- sacral issues with a combination of 2 special proprietary modalities that work while you sleep and during divine times that are right for you. This master level distance healing is done via God and is custom for your needs. It will continue for up to 6 months. If more healing is needed beyond that, you may purchase more packages. 


Create Positive Changes

When your Mind and Body Relax, you Restore, Happiness and Harmony in your life.  

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to create positive changes.


 When this transfer happens, people begin healing on quantum levels. It resets the soul back to the pure state it was in when first created.

 Releasing and removing low frequencies, your current frequency skyrockets.

In the beginning, we believed that one ETR was sufficient. There is now compelling evidence acquired over the past two years that demonstrates the ETR is most beneficial when experienced on a weekly basis.

While the timelines are instantly cleared during the first ETR experience, the follow up sessions allow for a “layering” of 9D-13D frequencies that begin acting like nuclear fusion.

The energy transfer reset can also begin the process of reverse aging and restore the human body to a healthier condition.

This session is done by phone.





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 Payment is expected as services are rendered. We do not bill anyone, insurance or otherwise.

Like most services given by professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.), we cannot and do not guarantee results, therefore we do not give refunds.

Hypnotist AZ  provides hypnosis, energy sessions and Grace Healing.


IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER.NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

You are 100% responsible for your health and well-being.



VIcky Schnepp was asked to join a friend’s energy class 20+ years ago. Noticing the changes she has helped people brings such joy.      Since then she has learned many different ways to help people live better lives. She is certified in Hypnotherapy,  Matrix Energetics, EFT, Theta healing, Bars facilitator, Ashworker, Master Grace Healer,, ETR practitioner and trainer and Medical Intuitive  

Vicky’s intuition, Source and all the tools blending together give Vicky unique skills to help others.