The latest gentle - touch therapy is now available.....

You can change All aspects of your life with total ease.

Energy Sessions are a combination of many different energy modalities which are unique for everyone.


Create Positive Changes

When your Mind and Body Relax, you Restore, Happiness and Harmony in your life.  

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to create positive changes.


her Soul Contrack  Removal.

When this transfer happens, people begin healing on quantum levels. It resets the soul back to the pure state it was in when first created.

The energy transfer reset can also begin the process of reverse aging and restore the human body to a healthier condition.

ETR Clearing Links

Cloud Clearing Process for Clearing Energy and Grounding to Gaia


Cloud Clearing Process for Spaces

Including How To Automate Clearing


Cloud Clearing Process Color Chart


Creating a Protective Capsule

C:\Users\Owner\Documents\ETR Protective Cap.pdf


I am easily capable of communicating with my spirit guides, with Source, with my higher self, and with others in nonphysical.

I am capable of knowing what my spirit guides want me to know.

I am a strong warrior of light. I am the best advocate for myself.

I have the power to create worlds.

I have the power to assimilate any information from my guides.

I know what my higher self is saying to me.

I know what Source is saying to me.

I know what my star seed family is saying to me.

I believe I can clearly communicate with all light beings in any galaxy.

I know I can rest in the confidence that I have the abilities and powers of spirit communication on all levels.

I know I am a powerful light being that is capable of creating worlds.

I know I have powers that others do not understand.

I know I can step into any timeline I choose.

I know I am ascending right now.

I know I am worthy of 5d ascension.

I know I can leave the 4D reality behind as I am ready for 5d.

I know that 5D is already assimilated into my experience.

I am waking up to more 5d aspects each day.

I am slowly merging into 5D.

I am beginning to experience 5D in my own personal way

The earth is morphing into the new earth. Gaia is ascending and taking me with her.

Gaia is proud of the work I have done for her.

Gaia is loving me today.

Gaia is all I need to ascend. She is doing the work for me. She is pulling me up with her.

 Gaia is my twinflame.

Gaia is everything I need to ascend.

Gaia is the tool to ascend.



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 Payment is expected as services are rendered. We do not bill anyone, insurance or otherwise.

Like most services given by professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.), we cannot and do not guarantee results, therefore we do not give refunds.

Hypnotist AZ  provides hypnosis, energy sessions and Grace Healing.


IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER.NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

You are 100% responsible for your health and well-being.



VIcky Schnepp was asked to join a friend’s energy class 20+ years ago. Noticing the changes she has helped people brings such joy.      Since then she has learned many different ways to help people live better lives. She is certified in Hypnotherapy,  Matrix Energetics, EFT, Theta healing, Bars facilitator, Ashworker, Master Grace Healer,, ETR practitioner and trainer and Medical Intuitive  

Vicky’s intuition, Source and all the tools blending together give Vicky unique skills to help others.