My Energy Transfer Reset session with Vicky was very special. During the meditation I saw my family flash past one by one, the schools and churches I attended, the neighborhoods I lived in, and I realized that all the beliefs I had picked up from there I released and let go, so I would never have to digest those ever again ! I feel calm and clear and free from the past !! Paulinka, RI 

 I can't believe how calm I've become since my energy transfer reset. Even in the most stressful situations I, I can remember to go. My Spirit connection has become MUCH stronger. I'm so grateful! – Ora 

 I could feel energy working on my body during the reset. I had almost no pain for three days. First time since 2009! I can feel the changes in my body already. I recommend this to EVERYONE! Change your life. Raise your frequency. – D.

  I could see and feel my Angels removing things from my body. I knew it was stuff I no longer needed. The feeling was amazing like releasing lots of weight and feeling so light and connected. MD   

 “Having just met Vicky, I was astounded by the reset she did for me!  I did not know what to expect, but trusted her immediately to help me release the stuff I no longer needed.  I felt lighter, happier and experienced a feeling of freedom when she was through.     Thank you, Vicky, for giving me permission to move forward in my life!”   Laura  E .Reiki r and    Medical intuitive 

Grace Healing

I love receiving the Grace Healing, it has made major changes in my life, all for the better. Thank so much. Chris R.

Grace healing has been such a blessing for myself and my family. Life is much happier, we have stopped fighting and living life now. Just amazing. Jessie California

If you are open to cleansing your system of all the baggage that has been weighing you down, seeing Vicky is a must. I cannot express in words how wonderful I felt after one visit. I am definitely going back.  JA

Wow, problems at work seem to have disappeared. Life is just easier and I feel happy, Thanks for everything Vicky

My road rage and anger are gone. I feel safer knowing Grace healing is always with me.  LL


It is amazing how I just quit smoking after 20 years of 2 packs per day with just one session.  I feel great. PW

Vicky made it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  SJ

It’s been 8 years since I had my stop smoking session and I am still smoke free. Thanks for your help. M.M. AZ

Dental Healing

“I extremely happy to say that in my son’s recent check up, he had NO cavities! I honestly cannot remember a time when that has happened. In addition, the dentist was following a crown that they said might have to be redone. Amazingly they said at this time it looked fine.
He also couldn’t believe it! I am very grateful as I honestly didn’t have much faith that anything would make a difference.”

~ Bonnie G.


Two-three days after, signing onto your dental / healing program, I went to a recommended dentist, who said “your gums are not that bad, the pockets are not as deep as previously measured.”

Thanks so much.”

~ Donna Kiernan


“My dentist recommended root canals. After using your program to strengthen and heal the roots of my teeth, I no longer need root canals. This saved me a lot of money.

Thank you.”

~ James R.

“I had a severe toothache and my face was very tender and the pain was excruciating. The dentist told me I would need a root canal and it would cost $1100. I chose to to heal it via your program instead and over the course of a few weeks, the pain is gone and it is a lot less tender. I no longer need a root canal! Thanks for saving me a lot of grief and $1100.00.

~ Gigi R.